We all most of the times take life too seriously. We get too caught up with the commitments, friends, family, work and so on…. We need relief.

Life is a beautiful gift and to be celebrated. So let’s make it more fun. 

I recently read somewhere – “Life is a Game” and gave a though to it. Wouldn’t it be fun if we really take Life as a Game? Then work would become play, friends become bonus points and family becomes lifeline. 

Dice then works as a GPS – a roll to move forward or reverse at times. We can take a stride knowing that there will be another chance to move forward very soon. 

When we perceive life as a strategy or Game, we are able to make choices and paths more beneficial. 

We have a field and so many players. Great thing about this is we get to choose the players. It’s not only about the focus on space we occupy but also an opportunity to observe the moves & choices that others make. We get to learn so much more and most importantly we learn how to use the rules of life to our advantage. 

Setbacks are inevitable. Instead of focusing on the obstacles or huddles, we get to focus on the new start and opportunities it presents… alternate moves… to advance to the “free go” pass. 

So, today I choose to play this Game of life. As long as I am willing to participate, I know have an opportunity to win. In life loss is only possible if I choose not to participate. 

What do you choose? 

A few questions to ponder upon – 

  • How do I identify the ‘Rules’ of Life?
  • On what basis do I choose the players?
  • What is my way of overcoming challenges?
  • What is the definition of success to me? 
  • How do I measure the success?