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Why Do You Write A Book?

  • You write a book to help people.
  • You write a book to share your story, thoughts, ideas, and strategies.
  • You write a book to leave a legacy behind.
  • You write a book to share your knowledge and expertise.
  • You write a book to make an impact.
  • You write a book to reach a lot of people.
  • You write a book to demonstrate your authority on your subject and your domain expertise.


But what if you find no readers?

What if your book doesn’t reach the intended audience, does not find readers, and does not become a bestselling book?

We Are Here To Prevent That From Happening! Here’s how!

  • We teach you how to market your book even before it is published.
  • We teach you how to build a social media following for your future readers.
  • We teach you how to spread the word about your book so that your following grows. 
  • We teach you how to choose the right marketing platform for your book. 
  • We teach you how to master the art of self-promotion and promotion of your book. 
  • We teach you how to develop a curiosity for your upcoming book. 
  • We teach you how to publicize your book so that people line up for it and wait eagerly for your book to get published. 

Would you like that outcome for your book?

If YES, Then We Have News For You!

When you work with us, to publish your book, we also equip you with all the knowledge, tools, strategies and techniques to ensure that your book finds many readers and you become a bestselling author!

  • We help you build a personal brand as an author.
  • We help you market your book.
  • We help you reach a wider market of your target readers.
  • We help you create posts and marketing strategies to advertise your book.
  • We help you reach an abundance of book sales.
  • We help you sell more of your books.
  • We help you become a bestselling author.
  • We help you host events to publicize your book.
  • We help you create your website and social media accounts.
  • We help you design a professional photo shoot to create your brand perception.
  • We help you design a book cover that tells a story and makes people wanna read it.
  • We help you make money from your book project.

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Feedback From Our Past Publishing Clients..

Are You An Author Facing Writing Challenges?

Writing is hard. Writers are plagued with a variety of issues like..

  • Procrastination
  • Self-doubt
  • Work pressures and deadlines
  • Home responsibilities
  • Lack of a support system
  • Lack of discipline
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of industry and publishing knowledge
  • Lack of knowledge of the business aspect of things, among others

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Who Is Snehal R Singh.

Hi! I am Snehal, the Publisher & Founder of Mind Spirit Works Publishing, Abundance Strategist, 10X Bestselling Author, Writer’s Coach, Podcaster, & International Speaker.

I truly believe that each one of us has a life purpose and that life purpose demands that we share our stories, our challenges, our ideas, our discoveries with the world.

And that’s why, I have started this publishing out, to give power to your voice and take away all the technicalities from your way so that you can just focus on your thoughts, words and write a book that leaves your legacy behind for the future generation to follow.


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