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  • We Help You Leave A True Legacy.
  • We Help You Get Your Voice Out.
  • We Are Not About Getting Your Book Out ASAP.
  • We Are A ‘Soulful’ Publication Company.
  • We Want Your Voice To Connect With The Readers And That Can Only Happen When You Are Authentic.
  • We Help You Publish a Book That Blossoms Your Business and Your Brand.
  • We Believe That Every Book Has A Soul And That It Is Timeless.

We Publish Books That Don’t Make a Lot of Noise But Reach Thousands of THOSE PEOPLE Who Actually Need To Read Them!

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7 Day Abundance Challenge

Enroll in the 7 day abundance challenge and get ready to welcome abundance in your life.

Guided Meditation

Sign up for these guided meditations to change your present situation and get to where you want to be.

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Say Bye To Loneliness

Feeling lonely even around people? Try this meditation to get instant relief.

Love And Gratitude

Love and gratitude are two things that can invite abundance in your life.

Visualize Love

Want to invite love in your life or re-ignite an existing relationship? Try now.

Energize Self

Has procrastination conquered your life? Give this meditation a try and turn things around.

Daily Practices for Love and Happiness

Want to fill your environment with love and happiness? Give this one a try.

Joy And Perseverance

When you are blessed with joy and perseverance, you become unstoppable.

Achieving Goals

Want To Achieve your goals sooner than later? Try this one.

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Book Review Service – “Get True And Unbiased Reviews”

Get Your Book Professionally Reviewed Today!

If you’re a self-published author, it’s more important than ever to get your book professionally reviewed. A professional review can not only help improve your book’s chances of being successful, but it can also give you invaluable feedback on your writing.

At mindspiritworks.com, we provide authors with professional reviews in a variety of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, business, and more. We also offer a range of other services to authors, including book editing, book marketing, and much more.

Sample Book Reviews

Your Life Graduation – Ganesh Mandadi

Your Life Graduation – Ganesh Mandadi

Your Life Graduation by Ganesh Mandadi pirouettes around fulfillment and meaningful life. It is not an emblematical book on self-help. The book realises the fundamental challenges we face to live a fulfilled and contended life. It simplifies the understanding of these...

Friday: The New Monday by Michelle Mehta

Friday: The New Monday by Michelle Mehta

Friday: The New Monday by Michelle Mehta takes you on a transformational journey of self-love and self-care. Originating from Live Facebook chats conducted By Michelle, this book descants the importance of change in our lives. It explains that we have 52 chances to...

The Art of Healing – Sanhita Baruah

The Art of Healing – Sanhita Baruah

The Art of Healing by Sanhita Baruah is a pathbreaking book on healing. Profound healing gems are conveyed through poems and notes. Sanhita Baruah has masterfully in this well-crafted book remits the most fundamental question of how to deal with pain. Sanhita’s The...

All Signs Lead Back To You by Aniesha Brahma

All Signs Lead Back To You by Aniesha Brahma

All Signs Lead back to you by Aniesha Brahma is a delightful romantic saga of Diya and Ashwin. The story is interspersed with tacky plots which makes it an engrossing read. The story revolves around Diya and Ashwin and their love-hate relationship with each other....

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