Family Business for next generation Leaders by Abirami Duraisamy is a book on how to overcome the challenges when running a family business for new-generation leaders. It delves into working out challenges to expand the business. The book clearly demarcates the difference between running a family business from a non-family business. It clearly outlines the importance of respect, understanding, and trust between family owners who are also business owners. It offers solutions that are feasible and easy to implement if you are managing a family business.

This book is for those who are second or third-generation family business owners. If you are someone who is looking to expand your business. If you are finding it difficult to manage conflicts in your family business then this is the right book for you. The book also offers strategies to get the buy-in while bringing change in the process of a business or in any particular department.

The book insists on having a clear vision for your family business. Since family values and systems overlap in a family business, it is essential to have a clear vision and structure in the business.

It also delves into the danger of burnout in the family business. The roles overlap in the family business, it is pertinent to have a clear boundary between family roles and business roles.
Family business by Abirami Duraisamy is a compact book on problems faced by next-generation leaders and solutions to solve it. I would recommend this book to all family business owners.