Who Is A Writer’s Coach?

A Writer’s Coach Provides Aspiring Authors With A Framework And Support System To Write ‘Bestselling’ Books!

They help them to..


1. Find Their Story

2. Hold Them Accountable

3. Coach In Writing

4. Monitoring Milestone

5. Marketing The Book

6. Publishing The Book

Challenges of some people writing their books…

Writing is hard. Writers are plagued with a variety of issues like..

  • Procrastination
  • Self-doubt
  • Work pressures and deadlines
  • Home responsibilities
  • Lack of a support system
  • Lack of discipline
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of industry and publishing knowledge
  • Lack of knowledge of the business aspect of things, among others

Why You Must Hire A Writer’s Coach!


Through experience, we have learnt that writers function better when they are held to some accountability, either through peers or through the help of a writer’s coach.


The value of having a personal writer’s coach.


A writer’s coach is a professional trained to mentor, coach and guide writers and authors through various stages of the writing process. Whether the writer is starting from scratch in the ideation phase or the writer is struggling with writer’s block or the writer needs assistance with publishing, a writer’s coach is his/her professional guide all through the journey.

A writer’s coach motivates the writer, keeps them accountable and acts as a personal sounding block to bounce ideas off. And if having such a person helping you excites you, if this is someone you would like to have on your side of the ring, MSW has the right programs for you.

MSW’s Coaching Star Program is one such program where you get a dedicated writer’s coach assigned to you for the duration of your writing journey. The program is intended to have you write your book right from ideation to publication within 60 to 90 days. And that’s not all, MSW’s writer’s coaches not only take care of the mentorship and coaching aspect of things, but they also equip you with the tools and mindset of making the profession a sustainable business that’s worthwhile for you, both financially and spiritually while they are at it.

About The MSW Coaching Star Program

The MSW Writing Coaching Star Program gets you a personal writer’s coach to guide you, motivate you and keep you accountable and disciplined through your writing journey. The writing coaching star program is more exclusive and personal.

The guiding and mentoring in the writing coaching star program is done privately with the author on a one-on-one basis. A dedicated writer’s coach is assigned to each author that enrolls in the programs.

What’s more, is that this program gives you access to Snehal herself, who has helped hundreds of writers with their now-bestselling books. Under this program, you get personal sessions with Snehal and writers who take this program are generally able to see their book through to publication within 90 days of enrolment.

So, Who Is This Program For:


What This Program Is Not.

  • The program is aimed at helping writers get their books published from start to finish, but it is not active in perpetuity. The entire journey is expected to be completed within 9 months of fee payment. Most writers in the program finish their books within 3 months of enrollment though.
  • The program is aimed at helping writers get published and offers them guidance on the various options available to them. It does not however cover the costs of such publishing services.
  • While email support to all enrollees is unlimited, call time is limited to bookings. Call bookings can be made by reserving a time using the link sent specifically to you.

What’s The Next Step?

Since every writer’s situation, niche, and problem area are different, it is best to connect over a strategy call and get an in-depth understanding of your goals, timeline and the final outcome you are expecting. Click on the link to book a call with us now.

Here’s What Past Writers Are Saying..

Who Is Snehal R Singh.

Hi! I am Snehal, the Publisher & Founder of Mind Spirit Works Publishing, Abundance Strategist, 10X Bestselling Author, Writer’s Coach, Podcaster, & International Speaker.

After coaching hundreds of my clients to write and publish Bestselling books, I am now in the process of scaling up and giving away all my knowledge, tools, strategies, expertise that I have gained over the past many years into helping you write your next bestselling book.

You can do it all on your own but what if getting help, got you the desired results sooner than later?

Instead of doing trial and error, why not save the precious years of your life by following a proven formula for book writing and publishing that just works?

If it makes sense, then book a strategy call with me and we will discuss more.

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