The Art of Healing by Sanhita Baruah is a pathbreaking book on healing. Profound healing gems are conveyed through poems and notes. Sanhita Baruah has masterfully in this well-crafted book remits the most fundamental question of how to deal with pain.

Sanhita’s The Art of Healing offers a unique perspective to understand the pain and heal ourselves. The book reiterates that to heal ourselves, we require patience, effort, trust, and time. It emphasises, even though the present may be abysmal but there is always sunshine waiting for you. It encourages us not to give up and move ahead to reach out to the sun.
The Art of Healing is divided into three parts Awareness, Acceptance, and Allowance. Sanhita guides us through this three-part approach towards recognising the pain, accepting the pain, and finally overcoming it. The intricate weaving of words gently expresses the stringent facts of dealing with pain.

Her poetry expresses profound messages in simple words. Her kind advice to not to give up, it is ok to be sad, setbacks may happen is accompanied by messages of hope. Her style is gentle with firm nudges to progress on the path of healing.
Her writing style is lucid that takes her readers on a surreal journey that aspire them to become self-aware. It encourages its readers towards self-love and independence.

To take risks and embark on the path of self-discovery. I highly recommend this book to all readers who are on a journey of self-transformation.