Your Life Graduation by Ganesh Mandadi pirouettes around fulfillment and meaningful life. It is not an emblematical book on self-help. The book realises the fundamental challenges we face to live a fulfilled and contended life. It simplifies the understanding of these key challenges by opting for a holistic view of life. The book offers the required self-awareness and wisdom to live a happy life. The solutions rendered, if followed will help you to not deluge in the challenges faced in your everyday life. The elucidation offered in the book is simple and practical.

Ganesh Mandadi in his book Your Life Graduation has given ten fulfillment empires to attain a happy and fulfilled life. These ten fulfillment empires overlay various aspects of our lives. From right mindset to philanthropist, including finance, spirituality, and health to name a few. The author explains when all the ten empires are balanced only then life is a contended life. If there is a disbalance in any of the empires, life will not be contented. The book reiterates following the approach of a holistic lifestyle. The author shares his personal experience and learnings to understand the holistic approach toward life.

Your life graduation is a well-researched book. The writing style is simple and lucid. The challenges and solutions offered are easy to understand and can be practiced surely by readers. It’s a practical guide to how to live a happy life. I highly recommend this book to seekers and self-help enthusiasts.