All Signs Lead back to you by Aniesha Brahma is a delightful romantic saga of Diya and Ashwin.

The story is interspersed with tacky plots which makes it an engrossing read. The story revolves around Diya and Ashwin and their love-hate relationship with each other. They were school sweethearts.

However, on the last day of school, Diya breakup up with Ashwin as a pre-emptive move. A chance meeting brings Diya and Ashwin together after three years. Will they get back together? Or continue to follow their separate lives without each other.

The characters of All Signs Lead back to you will capture the reader’s heart. They are simple and relatable. Powered by catchy phrases. The book is captivating. The writing style is lucid and vivid.

There is an underlying humour that gels wonderfully with the seriousness of the plot. The plots are well-written. The writing expresses seamlessly the deeper emotions of the characters.

The twist in the plot is interesting and piques the curiosity to know what happens next. I would recommend this book to all romantic genre fans. If you are looking for an engrossing book, this book is for you.